HTC One M9: First Look, Overview, Price, Buy, Unboxing – Review

HTC One M9 was the most awaited from the Taiwanese giant and at MWC 2015 HTC has finally showed the world the beast HTC One M9 – Advanced, slimmer, better and faster.

The HTC One M9 comes with the combination of metal body, 5-inch display (1080p), HTC Sense and finally heard right, a main camera sensor where the resolution is no longer the problem: 20 megapixels. Let’s meet the new HTC One M9 in detail.

HTC One M9 Front

HTC One M9 Specifications and Design

The base of the HTC One M9 is well known. The design remains essentially the One who first met in 2013 and since then we found a reference to follow. Last year the One M8 repeated improving some aspects like the edge of metal and can not say that, except for some slight modification, the One M9 not hold the line.

This design idea is held in a metal body in one piece, with very soft but less rounded and more stylized edges in the model last year, and aims to have a touch of the nicest on the market. The most innovative design HTC One M9 is its dual tone silver and gold. But there are two housings or frame and rear. HTC claims to have made the creation of the material twice. First the aluminum anodized in silver, and then, on that, in gold.

HTC One M9 Black back

Although we had it a few months ago in the first leaks, HTC has finally heavily modified the configuration of the integrated speakers on the front or reduced frames as we wished. As a result, and despite multimedia level is welcome, we were again at a terminal that is not a highlight in weight, thickness, height or width.

HTC One M9 – Display, Weight and Dimensions

  • HTC One M9  5 inches , 157 grams, 9.61 x 144.6 x 69.7 mm
  • HTC One M8  5 “, 160 grams, 9.3 x 146.3 x 70.6 mm
  • HTC One M7  4.7 “, 143 grams, 9.3 x 137.4 x 68.2 mm

Very few high-end smartphones this year will not keep a Snapdragon 810 (4 x 2GHz + 4 x 1.5GHz) combined with 3 GB of RAM and an internal memory leaves finally starting 16 GB to start talking to 32GB. There will be 64 GB version, as above, can be expanded with microSD memory cards.

HTC One M9 Gold

In the battery, HTC has been allowed to stay below 3,000 mAh for One M9 because it really is not going to need more to reach the day of batter life requires at least today to any terminal that boasts. The 2840 mAh should be sufficient to achieve that purpose due to a screen that does not waste pixels.

And we must add other good news on the part of battery backup: fast charge is very welcome and allow you to have more than half of the total charge of One M9 in just half an hour.

If last year we were not disappointed that the HTC One does not happen to 2K resolutions, perhaps this year the new One M9 will be exposed to the higher resolution offer their direct rivals. The new One M9 hold similar performance in terms of the screen: still 5 inches 1080p and SuperLCD panel may be next year with HTC One M10, things would change.

The combination is certainly one of the best on the market, but we are left wondering how to endure the rest of rivals betting on higher resolution. The protection, as we will see these days in higher ranges, is Gorilla Glass 4, called to resist scratches but no longer drops and bumps.

 HTC One M9 Camera

As operating system HTC One M9 comes to market with Android 5.0 and something that is almost the only large still insists customization HTC Sense 7. HTC has come chastened, and hopefully in time, experience with Ultra pixels. The previous two highlighted by a camera, HTC M9 well behaved but lower resolution. And that loss of detail not seen widely supported by a substantial advantage in low-light environments compared to rivals.

So HTC has opted for wisdom and placed main sensor rated at 20 megapixels. The size promises, it is 1 / 2.4, and again we are confident that One M9 camera (f / 2.2, 27.8mm) will be among the best in the market, and this time without penalty by resolution. Accompanying dual LED flash and video recording 4K. Yes, have to see what penalized not have optical stabilization. Check the another beast smartphone of 2018, the Google Pixel 3.

But HTC did not want to part with the good idea of the larger pixels and replaces its 4-megapixel sensor with Ultra pixel technology in the secondary sensor (f2.0, 26.8 mm and 1080p video recording). This will ensure that it is much revalue and can emphasize selfies quality even in low-light environments. Here it makes sense not to pull too much resolution.

The HTC One M9 release date hit the market in mid of next month, March, and will do with four possible colors: gold, aluminum, pink or silver-gold mama’s. They come with many shades covers. And the HTC One M9 price would be starting from 750 USD without contract model. Soon, we would publish the full review, overview, unboxing, pros and cons that will help you decide whether you should but it or not.

3 thoughts on “HTC One M9: First Look, Overview, Price, Buy, Unboxing – Review

  1. A new camera will be a welcome change to the HTC One lineup. The current camera is worthless and takes purple pictures. The touch screen of the M8 is non-responsive at times and requires several attempts and even long presses to get a response (yes I’ve calibrated it – more than once). The quality control of the M8 is lacking; I’m currently on my 3rd M8 since April, 2014 and will be reluctant to go for the M9 as opposed to a Galaxy F because of the lack of support and service by HTC. The next release will be HTC’s chance to redeem itself. I know there are multiple glowing reports about the M8, but know this, I’ve posted 3 reviews to the HTC web site, all within the guidelines for posting and all were respectful and accurate about my experiences with the M8. All three were removed by HTC so HTC fans will not be exposed to any bad press. Shame on HTC.

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