Apple iPhone 9 why it is going to be best!

People are discussing about the upcoming model of Apple, iPhone 9. Some are saying that it would have a big camera and some are saying that it would have a sixteen core processor. The exact information about it would be available at its release, but we have made an attempt to disclose its most likely features in front of you, so that you can get an idea about what it is going to offer you. So let’s find the most probable features of iPhone 9.

Date of release: Its release is probable in the month of Feb in 2018.

Background information: This notable handsets springs from the noteworthy Apple i Series, which has wonderful features like large striking screen, stunning appearance, awesome processor, etc. Its tablet like writing ability helped it attain popularity as a phablet.

Cost: At this stage any precise information seems difficult to obtain. But our experts gave their opinion in this regard and predicted it to be approximately $1200 USD/ 1063 Euro/ 767 GB, by studying the previous trends.

Screen: The screen can have incredible 3D-4K resolution. The possible size of the screen is 6” – 6.2”. There are some chances to find the folded and flexible display.

Memory: An exceptional memory of 6B or 8GB is probable in iPhone 9.

 Camera: We can’t say much about the big camera as is indicated by the internet rumours but definitely a 16 MP sensor would be there. You would be able to experience good clicking with the help of its awesome autofocus and superior optical image stabilisation would be superb.

Processor: The processor seems to be amazing. There are fifty chances to get either 16-core Apple Exynos processor or octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon in it.

Charging: You can expect in it wireless charging as well. The charging would be quicker which would help you to charge your phone completely in less than 10 minutes.

iPhone 9

Internal storage: It would be possible to choose internal storage from 16/32/64/128/256 GB.

Battery: We are expecting an awesome backup with its 4500 mAh batteryin iPhone 9.

Colours: The colours options are likely to be black/white.

Features: The specifications in this new model could be as follows:

  1. Finger Print/Retina Scanner
  2. Heart Rate
  3. Sensors                  Barometer
  4. Compass Bendable Or Foldable Display
  5. Thermometer Shockproof And Dust Proof
  6. Spo2

Operating System: A superior version of Android, Android Marshmallow is expected in it.

Video Recording: The recording would be fabulous with the help of its 2160p @ 30 fps, 720p @ 90 fps and 1080p @ 60 fps of video recordings.

We hope by now you are able to ascertain that why iPhone 9 would be a distinguishing handset. We regularly try to update information on this page. Our attempt is always to bring out the most precise and the latest information in front of you. In order to find the true face of your desired technical products, keep visiting us.

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