HTC One M9 Release date

All the brands in technology world are functioning hard to acquire first place in the market of Smartphones. After release of One M8 by HTC and Galaxy S5 by Samsung, both the brands are manufacturing products which will offer tough competition to each other. As per rumors, Samsung is getting ready for its new Smartphone in the Galaxy S series, On the other hand, HTC is preparing for next product in the HTC One Mx family. Next product will be named as HTC One M9 and it is said that It will not come alone instead HTC is going to launch one more product i.e. HTC One M9 prime. If we talk about HTC One M9 release date, we heard that Company will release HTC One M9 in 2015. Company has not declared the exact release date of One M9 yet. If we believe on leaks then it is said that One M9 will knock the market in 2015.

Reasons why Consumers should wait for HTC One M9 release date

HTC One M9 Release date

Consumers are expecting something innovative from the company this time because of the success of One M8. The growth of the HTC One M8 appears to be on an indistinct heights as per the recent report. But don’t be distress, HTC is very hard on performance at successors to go together with the current M8, with strategies to release its next model during the year of 2015. As per the possibilities, HTC will release its M9 Prime and M9 devices as the next complete refreshes to the Mx family, however, this latest version is anticipated to release first.

The HTC One M9 is rumored to be the latest version of the next year and to set some very attractive specs, involving 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 805 processors, a HD display of 5.2 inches, a camera of 18 mega pixel and 3GB RAM. Most important feature is that One M9 display would come with Anti glare capability which was earlier coming in the laptops.

One M9 release date

The people are actually seeking forward to what the M8 were determining into, but the growth postponed for unknown reasons. The individuals are very happy and satisfied with the current M8, however, the company was beginning to heat up to the thought of an even more moved forward version or model. They will maintain their eyes out for M8 Prime, M9 Prime and One M9 information. We came to know from sources that HTC is thinking to launch One M9 by the first quarter of 2015. This was all about HTC One M9 release date.

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