Would Samsung Galaxy S9 – an astonishing handset?

If somebody asks us would Galaxy S9 an astonishing handset, our immediate reply would be “yes”. What do you think in this context? What, you don’t know much about it? The internet is actually providing much about it but nothing is certain. We guess you are also curious to explore more about it. So, let’s find:

Introduction: The Galaxy S9 is the latest model of Galaxy Note series whose launch is due in the month of Jan of 2018. The series has impressed the users with its tablet like writing, huge screen size and stunning looks; for this reason they are often termed as phablets. Many new surprises and enhancements are introduced to the series with every new model. So this time people have already started speculating about its possible features. Some are even saying that it would lay the foundation for the flexible or folded display. Some are expecting Samsung’s own processor in it.

Cost: No exact information about the cost is available till date and perhaps our retailers would actually tell its cost. Our experts strived to bring approximate cost to you through the study of prior trends and have found it nearly 1200 USD/ 1063 Euro/ 767 GBP.

Screen: The screen would be fascination with likely size of 6”-6.2”. The screen may have incredible 3D-4K resolution.

Galaxy S9

Memory: A splendid memory of 6GB or 8GB is possible in Galaxy S9.

Camera: It can have superior optical image stablisation; dual camera of 16Mp back and 30Mp rear camera; and better auto focus. So, be ready for some wonderful and picturesque clicks.

Processor: The 16 core Samsung Exynos processor or 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is expected.

Charging: Rapid charging in it would enable the people to get 40% charging in less than 6 minutes. Wired and wireless charging, both would be possible.

Internal storage: The internal storage choices can be 16/32/64/128/256 GB.

Battery: The fabulous 4500 mAh battery is expected which would ensure a long battery life and a battery backup.

Colours: The white and black would be the available colour options.

Features: The Galaxy S9 can have few or all of these specifications:

  1. Heart Rate monitor
  2. Bendable display
  3. Foldable Display
  4. Thermometer
  5.  Shockproof
  6. Dust Proof
  7. Spo2
  8. Finger Print scanner
  9. Retina Scanner
  10. Compass
  11. Sensors
  12. Barometer

Operating System: The Android Marshmallow is expected in Galaxy S9.

Video Recording: the likely video recording options would be 720p @ 90 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps and 2160p @ 30 fps.

So, now can you judge that whether Galaxy S9 would an astonishing handset. So, be ready to give it a warm welcome.

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